Is it ready for use?

Just wondering if Redox is ready for use? And also curious if it is compatible with GNU/Linux applications?

I would personally say Redox OS is not ready for use. It may run on some hardware, but it doesn’t run on everything. Breaking changes that may leave your system broken may happen, because we don’t want anything legacy during this stage of development, which is early. It is not compatible with GNU/Linux applications as it’s an entirely different kernel with entirely different system calls.

Not until it’s fully capable of self-hosting itself, at least. That also depends on what you mean by “ready to use”, since that can mean different things for different people.

Would there be something to make it compatible in the future as there wouldn’t be much applications compatible with it and I would want to use it but only if I can get all the applications needed to run on it?

I meant like if it is stable and stuff.

I am fairly certain some people will experiment with exactly that eventually, with something similar to Wine perhaps.

Although, since almost all GNU/Linux programs release their source code, I’m certain you could compile at least some of them natively. We’re constantly working to port more programs and libraries.

Thats awesome, can’t wait for this OS to come out. I am learning Rust at the moment (and because of Uni it is actually slowing me down as I don;t have time to learn other stuff) and one day I hope I can be able to contribute to this project.

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