Is a PWA? And what is it built on?

Just recently joined discourse. When browsing from mobile Chrome, I could just add it to my home screen and from there on it acts as a standalone app. That is, the link doesn’t open up in a browser but in its own Chrome window. So is this the concept behind PWA (progressive​ web app)?

Also, the site is overall very slick and smooth. Can I know frontend stack? is build with discourse.
It isn’t a PWA, because it doesn’t work without internet connection.

Quote from discourse README:

Built With

  • Ruby on Rails — Our back end API is a Rails app. It responds to requests RESTfully in JSON.
  • Ember.js — Our front end is an Ember.js app that communicates with the Rails API.
  • PostgreSQL — Our main data store is in Postgres.
  • Redis — We use Redis as a cache and for transient data.

Plus lots of Ruby Gems, a complete list of which is at /master/Gemfile.

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Ah thanks. And the stack is cool, typical web stack, nothing fancy.

No idea about discourse though. Will learn about it.

Hopefully back-end will one day run on rust :slight_smile: