Ion - Better help

So I noticed that when running the help command it seems a little lacking in ion. I was thinking what if we need an ncures like wrapper for the help command like ms dos 6.22 did. Though if color is enable build in commands would be in one color than commands that were found with man pages another color. So what do you guys think?


I don’t think that’s really necessary. This feature would likely cause a sizeable increase in Ion’s binary size. I would like to keep Ion relatively slim, so that the shell can spawn and execute scripts faster. This is generally a job for manpages (man ion), or less | ion --help.

Seems odd that MS-DOS would have that feature though, given how otherwise featureless it is.


Okay, that makes since.

Perhaps ion should treat ion --help as the same thing as man ion (just like git does)?

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I like that proposal, then you’ll get better help than just a list of built in commands.