Ideas for Redox OS

Can we make Redox look like ArchLabs (not to be mistaken with ArchLinux)?

Thanks for your ideas. The problem is, that the current stage that Redux is in is not very suitable for making an effort of such a dramatic case of experiments with the user interface. There is currently work getting done to enhance the toolkit Redox is using (orbTk) and if this is at a better stage than it currently is than there sure is a possibility for theming and all sorts of these things. That does not mean that you should stop thinking about it etc. quite the opposite but be prepared that the response time for such things could be quite long.

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No worries mate. I am well aware that it is not ready yet to have its stuff tested with the user interface much. But I hope that Redox, when it is stable, it can inherit such looks.

I am sure that at some point theming is possible for people not to deeply involved in the underlying architecture so that basically anybody interested could build a theme.

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