How to compile QEMU to run on Redox?

I was able to boot Redox inside of Qemu, but have also seen that Qemu 3.1 can be compiled to run on Redox.

How is this done?

I’m not sure if this forum is used a lot, so it is better to actually join the mattermost chat community to ask questions.
But regarding QEMU running on Redox - it cannot be done (yet).
I worked on it (QEMU 6.0.0) for a little while back in June 2021, but haven’t had a lot of time since (what with being in university - a blessing AND a kind of a curse). But if you are interested in looking into it, you can check out:
Tarun Aditya Thurlapati / QEMU · GitLab - the modified QEMU
Tarun Aditya Thurlapati · GitLab - the other repos (like redox, cookbook) which support the actual execution of the QEMU repo.

But my analysis is that a lot of work still needs to be done - and it will take time.

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