Google Fuchsia and Redox

Google Fuchsia is a skunkworks project from Google apparently intended as a replacement for the Android and ChromeOS platforms. There is a good post on the implications of its architecture on security here on Redox Discourse. It is starting to progress quite nicely. Some of the engineers are actually veterans of BeOS (inspiration of Haiku), and that can only be a good thing.

It ditches the linux kernel in favour of an (almost) microkernel called Zircon. Interestingly, development in Rust is supported. The “capabilities” security model sounds interesting too.

Android is probably the biggest Linux distribution in the world. Its replacement in Google products could represent a turning point in the dominance of Linux and other *nix in general, a rival to Windows (the only current mainstream system that is not *nix), and thus lead to a greater receptiveness to new operating systems. That can only be good for Redox, should it be ready for production environments at that point.