Github vs Forum

Currently most things are handled over Github issues and not the forum.
This means that we have two places for the same purpose.
And this post indirectly says that Github shuldn’t be used for discussions at all.

So is Github OR the forum the right place for discussions (or are they for different things)?
If the forum is the one and only place (except for the chats) this should be more officially
(perhaps an issue on Github which says that it is the wrong place)

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In my understanding, github is for discussions about specific code issues/bugs, and this forum is for more general architecture discussions, and other things like redox building tools and programs on redox.

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Like daboross said, Github is for submitting issues/bugs, then having discussions about them. While the two can overlap, this forum is for more general discussions. Although this is not explicitly stated in any guidelines or in the FAQ (as far as I know), I’m assuming that the best practice for overlaps like these would be to provide Github links to the technical issues that are being discussed in the forums, but to keep those discussions on Github. Other discussions slightly related or unrelated to specific Github issues should be discussed here in the forums, with links to particular Github issues provided as they’re being discussed.