Games for Redox

Now that libterm works on Redox, you can make terminal games! This should be low-hanging fruit for new contributors.

Some ideas:

  • Snake
  • Draughts
  • Conway’s game of life
  • Tetris
  • Tic-tac-toe
  • Go

Also, GUI games can use orbclient


We also got SDL, so there’s that too.

Could you create a repository for games?

You have permissions to create repos now

For anyone wondering how to get started, check out this minesweeper implementation (screenshot).

P.S. libterm is now termion.

A boggle-like game might be nice as well. I have written a simple CLI variant of Boggle in Rust before.

Sounds cool! Could you port it to Redox?

For the record, nkr is working on a snake implementation. I have almost completed a Pokemon-style ice sliding puzzle.

In it’s current state, probably not. I might look into re-creating a better version of it at some point in the future. The biggest hurdle for me is that I need to find some way to check if a word that was input by the user is an actual recognized word, and not just gibberish. Then, networking support would be ideal.

Hah. Lol. This certainly beats Linux’s ANSI support, ;P. Anyways, could you report this in the Github repository, since this is definitely a regression. Yesterday, raw mode worked fine.

That’s a 404 on the minesweeper just fyi

Hi! :slight_smile:

although I don’t have much experience with Rust I was thinking of implementing simple Sudoku game, but it seems that someone had the same (or similar) idea in “games-for-redox” repository. Is someone working on it? In that case I would probably try to implement something else.

It was k0pernicus, but I am unsure whether he is working on that one or tetris.

I would suggest looking for pre-made lists such as You could also make the dictionary or dictionaries a configuration setting.

Call of Duty Please. Lol. Just kidding.

brb making a text clone for ya


lol. for call of duty in the terminal?