Functional package management

I read recently that redox is looking into the nix package manager, is there more info on this?
Is there any indication if guix integration is in the works also. Guix seems to have a lot of promise and it’s hpc branch for reproducible science is really interesting to me, like the guix-jupyter idea they’re experimenting with.
Or is redox planning its own pkg manager?
Finally do you have any comments on what they are doing beyond the package manager, in comparison to redox… with gnu mes, coreutils and the shell in scheme, and if they are complimentary in ways to redox, even at this early stages of their development.

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I’m very interested in seeing the Nix package manager on Redox. I’m going to spend the next few days researching this, so if anybody has any input on this topic (or in general), please share.

I see from the site feed that you did so. The news page also contains a story from March on the development of a similar sounding system called pkgar.

Can somebody with greater knowledge sketch how this fits in with any roadmap for package managers? Is porting Nix to Redox just a hack for now, perhaps a proof fo concept for the later system? Or is the selection of package manager left open as a choice for the user?

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