Design decisions

First of all I’m not an expert, I’m just passionate about this project and I can’t manage to find enough informations for my taste, I like to understand the direction of projects,

so I have a question about the design decisions when making this OS, I saw they liked to question standards if it’s worth it and I love this, not limiting innovation and picking every OS advancements made so far.
But when they have to make a decision, do they pick security first everytime or what ? There is compromises to make everytime but I would like to know what’s the priority for them ? Would they not implement some security feature because it’s too hard ? too costly in performance ? too far from the standards ?
In my noob opinion, to stand out you have to go all in on security and stability, but I’m not an ingineer.

Thanks !

As an example, I heard about multi kernels, nano/pico kernels, I guess if they havent been choosed they pose too much problem with either complexity/compatibility or don’t offer a large enough advantage ?