Contributing and homepage translation

Hi :slight_smile:

Around 1 year ago, I attempted to contribute firstly to this project.

I observed that the main homepage lists relib - while nearly all the other languages still listed newlib.

I had encountered issue with Gitlab and after around a full hour of trying to change newlib into relib, I gave up.

In 6 years of contributing to open source, I barley ever encountered such a complicated process, although I never actually committed to Gitlab - and swore I will never do it again.

Now I see, that this issue still persists - the wording is still incorrect and it shows me, how important it is to make contributing actually easily accessible.

Just a hint, maybe someone likes to change the translation.

And ideally, think about some other option to contribute, like Gitea.

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You are not specific where you are coming unstuck so perhaps you could provide more detail?

I have not a coding guru and have not contributed in Redox but have used Github previously and assume that Gitlab must work quite similarly, given that both use Git. But assuming it difficult to transition from Githubโ€™s UI to that of Gitlab, is it possible to fall back on the old-fashioned Git terminal commands?