Choose the Dictator Distro

My laptop recently had a slight issue causing all of the installed packages to be removed, including the package manager and kernel. As such, I find it incredibly hard to use, as it seems to only be able to say:


So, I want people to vote on what distro I should use, be it Linux, BSD, or even Windows…

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PC-BSD, mutherfucka​​​​​​​​​.

I’ll throw in my vote for PC-BSD, although you guys already knew that from the chat.

ReactOS for fun, Haiku for production – sure thing!

Arch Linux is the golden standard. You only have to install once and you’ll always be up to date with all the latest software with the convenience of the AUR and simplicity of creating and sharing packages via a simple PKGBUILD shell script.


I agree, I have been using Archlinux and BlackArch for years now and its very solid distro.

all the linux.

or, you know, arch or bsd.

Trisquel GNU/Linux. If you want Rust well you might get it but an older version. You could make install it maybe.

I recently read nice things about antiX, void Linux, GuixSD and Dragonfly BSD.
Redox OS looks interesting too, but maybe not mature enough for everyday work.

I am currently running Pop!_OS 18.04.