Can we compile rust code inside redox and be able to run in from inside redox?

Curious to know if redox has reach this milestone already. If not, then is there an alternative on how to compile rust code for redox?

As far as i know you can’t compile inside – in the context of redox – your rust or c code. So please be aware of the fact that i myself am trying to work with redox for a few days even if i watched it for a while.

personally i compile my redox programs with redox build process itself. I wanted to write something in the Userspace Deployment thread but my time is somewhat limited at the moment.

so your first place to look at might be MAKEFILE line 136. here there are userspace programs comiled. just add your program to a target and add it to the “apps” target and make sure to add your programs sourcode to the filesystem/app folder. if you depend on some crates you can copy the sourcecode to the crates folder and add a make target like in line 435 with the crate redoxfs and add that to your programs target like in line 139 with orbclient.

i hope this helps but as i said i could be wrong about that as that is not the preferred way i just figured that out myself.

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@pythoneer is right. You cannot use rustc inside Redox, yet. However, you can cross-compile to Redox. The Makefile explains that.

That being said, we should improve on easier userspace deployment.

An update on this matter Redox News