AHCI driver questions

Hello there!

I am developing my own kernel (here if it matters) and I’m attempting to make an AHCI driver currently. I would like to reference the implementation that redox uses, and I know that redox has one, but I can’t seem to find the code for it. Where can I find the source for that, and do you think that it would be good to try to integrate into my own kernel or would it be too dependent on redox specific things (schemes etc)?


Idk if this is still going to be helpful or not. But it looks like the code is implemented in their driver repository.


oh thank you so much! this is definitely helpful, I still haven’t managed to make much progress lol

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@monarrk I was facing same problem. Luckily i saw your post thanks for sharing this with us. Just fabulous work. :slightly_smiling_face: